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Take a tour through beautiful North Beach.
North Beach Towers Homeowners
Homeowners, Jerry and Marion Sechleer, discuss life at North Beach Towers.
Cinzia Spa
Cinzia The Spa at North Beach Towers invites you to experience a better quality of life with their world-class spa. After taking one step onto our 17,000 square-foot sanctuary, you will be surrounded with the soothing ambiance needed to leave any problem you might have at the door. Because when you make the trip to Cinzia, you get much more than a spa, you get a brand new revitalized you.
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The Grand Strand was born of two vastly different cultures. Georgetown County developed from a thriving colonial plantation culture that reached its zenith just before the Civil War, while the more isolated Horry County (pronounced "oh-ree" or "or-ee") rose from humble beginnings in farm and timber trades.